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Under the “human-oriented” management ideology advocated by the company, PhDs, masters and quite a few talents with rich experience have been attracted to the company and have become technical, business and managerial backbones of the company. There are nearly 200 employees in the company, 20% of which are with or above masters’ degree, 70% are undergraduates and 10% graduated from colleges and intermediate academy. The key managerial and technical personnel are all from transnational corporations with rich and practical experience in networking technology, portal and software development, system integration and information retrieval. It is a coordinated team full of vitality and creativeness.

www.companycn.com has a young and high quality management team composed of senior professionals involved in marketing, operation, technology, customer service and human resources. They are sagacious and calm but not short of enthusiasm of making innovation, sharp vision and far-reaching boldness.

www.companycn.com also has a technical team of over 60 employees made up of R & D personnel and professionals, of which 30% are above masters’ degree and 65% are undergraduates including system engineers with many years of Unix experience, specialists of CISCO routers, Orcale database specialists, Microsoft MCSE certified engineers, Java certified engineers, IBM certified engineers, DB2 certified engineers, experienced programmers in PHP, NET, ASP, Perl, C ++ as well as network security experts.

In accordance with the strict requirement of software engineering, www.companycn.com has established specialized and independent quality control department for software products in charge of control and supervision of each process relating to quality of software products, including software development process and specifications, product configuration management, product test and product launch etc., to ensure strict product quality control in every aspect of software products, thus providing our clients with the products in conformity with the international software quality standards.

It has over 80 sales personnel with their average age under 30. They are vigorous, aggressive, creative with a good command of industry knowledge and a profound understanding of information products. They are able to accurately control the trends of the market, know better about the requirements of our clients and transmit the information of products and services of the company face to face to our clients without any delay. They are able to provide overall solution according to customers’ requirements and become IT consultants and long-term service partner of our clients from enterprises and government organizations.

Excellent customer service is the essential for our survival. We now have more than 30 employees engaged in both business and technical customer service, of which technical customer service engineers are all with bachelors’ degree. With an objective of creating a perfect enterprise internet service network, the Customer Service Department keeps updating its existent resources without stop and provides the most convenient, perfect service for customers earnestly and sincerely by relying on an advanced customer relationship management (CRM) system, a superior service quality monitoring system and advantages of powerful technologies and hardware.

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