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  Based on the leading edge in network resources of CHINANET backbone network of China telecom, our IDC data center provides IDC service centered on host rent and entrust to provide telecommunication-level network information platform for large, small and medium-sized enterprises and government organizations as well as ICP users.

The data center is becoming the leading network service center for host entrust in East China region thanks to its first-class telecom-level standard computer rooms, high-speed and reliable broadband access, strong and fast technical support, safe and reliable protective measures and considerate and all-round high quality services, thus providing enterprises and ICP end users with another “the information super high way” accessing to the internet.

Data center: 6G band width access to the backbone network of Chinanet, one of the best band width resources in major ISPs; www.companycn.com together with CHINAnet of China Telecom will joint hands to assist you and your enterprises to build up a powerful internet kingdom without obstruction.

IDC of Shanghai Telecom with Chinanet as its access platform provides its trustee users with 2M-1000M (multiple or single use)high speed access bandwidth and two routes of city power with UPS and back-up power supply system, ensuring over 99.99% of continuous power supply. The strict entry and exit system of the computer rooms, multi-protection of the cabinets such as lockers and advanced fire extinguishing system offer reliable protection for the computers to run in a normal and efficient manner, with the computer room temperature kept at 22±2℃ and humidity between 40% and 60% all the while.

24*7 telecom-level professional technology guarantee can be used to provide users with various value-added services such as first-time response and support, telecom-level technical specifications, hardware fire wall, data back-up, flow statistics analysis, bandwidth management, system security hole detection and caches etc.

Service: our service, on one hand, helps you save initial investment arising from buying and entrusting the servers as well as huge expenses of server self management or server entrust; on the other hand, it is not necessary for you to put your attention on aspects like network technology and maintenance of the server etc. You can benefit most from modern Internet at ease without any annoyance from the management of the server. What you can get from us is the high quality server, all-around technical support from our professionals and around-clock network and server supervision. We will provide you with professional Internet server models and you can choose Windows NT or Linux operating system according to your business requirement so as to achieve best service.

The scheme for renting or entrust of www.companycn.com is flexible and self-oriented. At present, we offer 1U/2U/4U servers for renting and entrust in Shanghai with the highest performance-price!

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