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  With the popularity of the network and development of the technology, ordinary websites can not meet the needs and are developing towards portal websites. We has always been engaged in research and development work of portal websites since 1997 and get more and more mature in development practice. We used to constructed portal websites or large-scale informatization application projects for hundreds of units. As a result of continuous experience accumulation, we developed various systems to satisfy the requirements of large-scale applications, such as Content Management System (C-CMS, C-CMS Content Management System is an application system launched to be specially directed to the content editing and release of internet websites by conducting long-term in-depth analysis in accordance with the website construction needs of governments and enterprises and combining the actual experience of successfully implementing these website construction projects), Huawangtong Website Construction System, OA Office Automatic System (C-OA, C-OA Office Automatic System is a network office system products solution of the fifth generation launched by www.companycn.com for extensive users from enterprises, institutions and government organs), Electronic Government (C-EGOV, a self-developed electronic government affairs solution launched by www.companycn.com with its many years’ experiences of implementing informatization for governments and units from various industries and by combining the latest achievements of the IT development under the care and support of the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, i.e. C-EGOV Platform. The platform is a trans-department and trans-platform coordinated office system and information management with high security and applicability in line with the current national government affairs standards, and it can customize application systems promptly and flexibly according to actual needs.), Application Framework of Middleware (C-JM), Electronic Commerce Solution (C-ECOMMERCE), Public Supply and Demand System, Purchase-Sale-Storage System (C-FLOWMIS), Online Communication System, Audio & Video System based on the Web, etc. These systems get perfected constantly in the actual application process so that we can meet our customers’ need faster and better.

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