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There is no other option for it for Indolence is beyond our tolerance. Look at the winner of Waterloo Battle –Duke Weldon, he will not go back home unless he completed all his work for the day.


You may always find that those who take the lead in the career are the persons who do things without being told. They are self-starters!


This industry is by no means for unintelligent persons—not for all levels. But intelligence is not enough; you must be honesty in all aspects.


This covers keeping office tide, being punctual and finishing work on time.


We are not the largest network company but indeed one of the best network companies; when you’re here to work, you must broaden your orientation and our objective is --- to seek the excellence!

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Value people, give him chance. Know rules, professional ethics.
Emphasize management, advocate cooperation. Promote competition, paid by merits.


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